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Take Time for Coffee

Let’s take a trip

Anywhere is fine

Just close your eyes

All you need is time

The world keeps turning

Spinning faster though it seems

But through imagination

You control your dreams

About a year ago, I started on a new journey. A journey of coffee….

I’ve always enjoyed coffee. Hardly ever did I run across a bad cup. Give me a K-cup, plenty of milk and sugar, and I’d be buzzing around in no time.

But this time was different. My mom had been sick for the first part of 2021, and I was taking her to a doctors appointment in Nashville. While I was waiting, I ran by a nearby coffee shop to get my coffee fix. I asked the barista what was his favorite way to get the best coffee flavor. He quickly responded, “How much time to you have?” Since I had all the time in the world, I took his recommendation. I watched as he selected a special roast, dialed in the grind perfectly, and began hand pouring the water over this weird cone shaped thing spiraling in precise intervals. As he stopped to watch the water seep through the grounds, he smiled back and said, “It’s about ready, just a little more time.” When the last drop settled to the bottom of the carafe, he swirled it around and poured it up, proudly handing over his creation.

As I was walking over to the counter to get my milk and sugar, I decided to taste the pure coffee first. I hate black coffee, but this was different. It was smooth and sweet and had flavors I never tasted in my normal morning bitter go-juice.

This little extra time, completely changed the trajectory of the next year.

We live in a microwave world…or should I say Keurig world. We want things fast and easy. Our foods, our friends, our faith, you name it. It ain’t perfect, but just add enough milk and sugar, and it’s enough to push us on to the next fix. This standard American diet is killing us, our families, our churches, and we want more, only to listen to the words of the profits, who give us exactly what we want. Yesterday’s wine, agin’ with time (or so Willie says), but we want an instant buzz. If we want to take part in the vineyard of Christ, start by taking time for coffee.

So take time to drink your coffee

Take time to sip your tea

Enjoy one another

Those things in life are free

We’re frantic and we’re hurried

To get from place to place

But we must take the time

To savor His good grace


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