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Hill Blocks View

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

This past week, on multiple occasions, I have run across this sign, “Hill Blocks View.” For some reason, this resonated with me, and I have spent much time reflecting on why.

Sometimes it feels like we are fighting an uphill battle; pushing forward yet fearing that this may be a greater challenge than you expected. However, as you look back, you can still see the fruits of you labor, and are willing to keep on going. Then the scary thing happens, you look ahead, and you see the road about to end. You fought to get to this point and now it is almost over. But then you see a sign “Hill Blocks View.” You have been working so hard, you had forgotten you were on a hill.

On a hill, the less you see of the path, the closer you are to the top.

You’re about to make it, keep pushing on, but when you get to the top, STOP. From here you can see everything. Look back how far you have come. Know that through all this, God was faithful. You can look forward, see what is before you and prepare accordingly. Or you can see the world around you and assess if you are on the best path for you.

Don’t fear the ending of a path, for the hill may be blocking the view. And when you are on the top, don’t neglect the opportunity.

When you’re on the mountain

Be sure to soak it in

Take a look behind you

And see just where you’ve been

Then you can look forward

And see what is God’s will

His hand will lead you onward

His grace will keep you, still

Do not fear the future

There’s always twists and turns

Though fire may surround you

He will not let you burn

Keep your eyes wide open

Still pointed at the cross

For what is His shall prosper

It will not suffer loss


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