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About Me

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Why I'm the Weird Banjolele Guy

In 2018 I was in a community Christmas production. the director wrote me in as a weird guy that would pop up at the right moment with instrument in hand and a song, often silly, sometimes profound, but it was exactly needed in that time and place to progress the plot, bring levity, or solidify a key point.

This is who I am. As a preacher's kid, the church and its ministries have been the focal point of my life. As a pianist's kid, the love of music has been my heart. As a tech nerd, I love to explore every new gadget available. As a thyroid cancer survivor and a celiac, health and food play an important role as well. 

I'm weird. If I'm an expert at anything, it is in Google. I do not focus on one thing, except being all God has called me to be in a specific moment. I love helping others and using these diverse gifts to serve Him whenever called upon. 

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